Sony XM-GS400 Car Amp

Sony XM-GS400 Car Amp - Striking and bassy, this Sony car amplifier is well-suited to giving you clean audio when you are on-the-go. If you like clean sound, high signal-to-noise, and reliable output, the Sony XM-GS400 gives you what you need. This Sony car amplifier is a snap to set up, allowing you to swap it into virtually any sedan, compact, or mid-size car with confidence. This car amplifier is packed with power, which means you are able to fill most any vehicle with vibrant waves of sound. With the bass boost included on the Sony XM-GS400, you can turn up the bass levels for a heart-pounding audio experience. As this Sony car amplifier features an impressive frequency response, you will be able to listen to throbbing lows and crystalline treble tones. This car amplifier allows you to feast your ears on all your albums and tracks with exhilaration thanks to its crisp fidelity. Also, the impressive signal-to-noise ratio of the Sony XM-GS400 makes it easy for you to benefit from the background noise reduction while tuning into folk, rock, or bluegrass. See Product Details

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